Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cosmos, the Lonely Giant

I am very excited to release my new resin toy at the New York
Comic-Con this weekend.


Cosmos, the Lonely Giant - rising star debut edition will be available exclusively at the Toy Tokyo booth #3303 in a limited edition of 5, bagged with a header card, for 30$.

Cosmos was partly inspired by Super7's awesome monster family line, and by my fascination with space and science fiction. I already have designs for a vinyl version of him that I'm hoping to find a company to collaborate with on :)




Cosmos is a 4.5 inch tall hand cast and hand painted  resin figure from Israeli artist Avri Rosen-Zvi and his label Studio Eccentrina. 
And I'm attending the con if anyone wants to find me and chat :)

Future colorways will be released through the Studio Eccentrina webstore.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introducing: Puddlehead

Puddlehead is the first Resin figure from Tel-Aviv, Israel based Artist Avri Rosen-Zvi and his new toy label, Studio Eccentrina.

The initial Release is available in three colorways - Black Despair, Red Menace and Winter Ghost. Five of each will be made available.
Each figure is handmade and hand painted. Each one is unique and slight variation may occur.

Puddlehead will be availablefor pre-order at saturday, 28/8 12 pm EST at the Studio Eccentrina webstore at
Puddlehead will retail at the webstore for 35$. A set of all three will be offered for 85$.

Studio Eccentrina is a homegrown effort based in Tel-Aviv Israel to create art, toys and sculptures.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And So it goes...

וכך קרה שבאותה העת שבתי לעולם הבלוגים בקול תרועה חלושה וקול ענות יבשושית.

איים בק, בייבי!